Project Description

Community Mediation DC

Community Mediation DC (CMDC) provides mediation services at no cost to all DC residents, as well as conflict management trainings and large group facilitations. CMDC works to make Washington, DC a city in which mediation is used to build strong and peaceful communities, and every DC resident has access to high-quality, collaborative conflict resolution services. CMDC offers re-entry mediations pre-release at both CTF and CDF for individuals getting released within 3-6 months. Re-entry mediation allows currently or formerly incarcerated individuals to meet with their potential support people with the assistance of two professionally trained mediators. Individuals may choose to deal with conflict from before or during incarceration, and/or to clarify diverging expectations and make collaborative plans for their future. There are no restrictions on which returning residents CMDC serves, and CMDC also partners with sister mediation centers in Maryland to provide post-release mediation services for anyone moving to Maryland after their release. Participants may use mediation to make plans about transitional and permanent housing, employment, mental and physical health, legal representation, education, mentorship, parenting, and family reunification.