Project Description

ULS – Disability Rights DC’s Jail and Prison Advocacy Project

Disability Rights DC’s Jail and Prison Advocacy Project (JPAP) reentry model is built on inter-agency partnerships and evidence-based practices, engaging DC adults diagnosed with serious mental illness, intellectual disabilities, and co-occurring substance use disorders four to six months prior to their release. JPAP Reentry Advocates, with the assistance of the Disability Benefits Advocate, provide intensive case management prior to release, including client-centered reentry planning, applications for disability benefits, linkage with community mental health and addiction treatment providers, identifying trauma-based treatment, and arranging for or applying for transitional housing. Once individuals are released to the community and connected with a mental health provider, which includes a case manager, JPAP continues to support them for up to six months through secondary case management and advocacy to ensure they are receiving the services they need. The Reentry Advocates also help with problem-solving, such as reconnecting family members or working with the community supervision agency to ensure that they provide accommodations for clients’ disabilities. In addition to regular reentry services, JPAP also has a grant (VOCA) to work specifically with returning citizens who have been victims of crime.

Disability Rights DC